What Does Your Birthstone Reveal About Your Personality?


Whether they are diamonds, rubies, or emeralds, the sparkly sight of them may remind us of Lord of the Rings, Gollum, and his epic dialogue “My Precious!”. And he says that with good reason too! Each stone is closely associated with a month of the year as per the Gregorian Calendar, and also connected to the astrological sun sign of that month, which is what gives them the fond title of, ‘birthstones’. Each birthstone reveals impressive details about one’s personality, and has shown to bring luck and improve healing powers.

So, let us find out which birthstone rules your personality and the influential healing powers they possess.

1. January – Garnet
People with garnet as their birthstone are usually the ‘go to people’ of the group. This is because they are logical and analytical, yet have that loving, compassionate, and ‘motherly’ side to them.

Healing Powers
This stone is known to revive, boost, and cleanse a person’s energy.
It helps balance and promote healing of issues, both, internally and externally.
2. February – Amethyst

Those with amethyst as their birthstone are often referred to as the ‘daydreamers’ of the group, because they have a mellow and calming personality. As your budding peace lover, these people generally prefer to avoid confrontations and may be quite spiritual.

Healing Powers
Amethyst, is known to concentrate energy and is a stone that healers swear by.
It can be worn near the area of the body that needs healing, such as a pendant worn near the heart or lungs; because the stone is often used for healing blood or breathing issues.
Crystal blocks of amethyst can be kept in your house, especially near a window which gets a lot of sun or moon light. This spreads positive energy around, wards off negativity, and keeps the atmosphere calm.
3. March – Aquamarine

Just as its crystal blue-watery hue, people with aquamarine as their birthstone are usually honest, straight-forward, and know how to communicate what they think or how they feel, very well to other people.

Healing Powers
Aquamarine is a stone of purity and something the sailors loved to carry with them on the high seas.

The calming energies of this aqua blue stone, help manage stress and calm the minds.
It helps protect one’s aura from getting affected negatively, and is especially popular among pregnant women to protect them and their baby.
Aquamarine is also beneficial in healing sore-throats, thyroid issues and allergies, by smoothing the immune system and hormonal functions.
4. April – Diamond

As hard as a diamond is to cut, as cliche as it sounds, people with diamond as their birthstone are equally harder to convince or persuade. Known to be stubborn, determined and never giving up, these people follow their own thoughts and beliefs.

Healing Powers
Diamonds have endless amounts of energy and are energy boosters, although that works for both negative and positive energies.
It can stop, cleanse and detox a person from the stress that comes from cell phone radiation, and stabilize the metabolic rates.
It is also known to benefit the eyes and brain.
5. May – Emerald

If your partner, friend or loved ones have emerald as their birthstone, then consider yourself lucky! Those with emerald as their birthstone are usually known to love unconditionally, and are also loyal and faithful partners, just like ‘lobsters’.

They are also very good at gelling with different types of personalities.

Healing Powers
Emerald is known for healing issues with a person’s spine, muscular systems, and detoxing the liver.
It enables recovery when being treated for any infections, including diabetes and rheumatism.
It eases sinusitis effects and promotes eye health.
6. June – Pearl

People with pearl as their birth stone, can appear to be innocent, modest or even confuse people into thinking that they are naive. However, they have one of the most strong and stable personalities, are nature lovers, and share a special connection with animals.

Healing Powers
Pearl is considered very good for promoting healing of digestion problems such as bloating.
It also addresses the issues with the soft squishy organs of the body including skin.
It helps boost fertility.
7. July – Ruby

Just as its rich red color, those with ruby as their birthstone have a vibrant, lively and dramatic personality. They are of the type who would never run away from any form of confrontation, which also explains their high confidence levels.

They are also appreciated for being the people who keep their promises and hardly lie.

Healing Powers
Ruby removes any negative energies in your path.
It helps people feel less tired or lazy, and makes them feel energized and active.
It promotes overall detoxing, and ensures smooth blood-flow.
It reduces fever.
It eases functions of the spleen, kidneys and reproductive organs.
8. August – Peridot

Considered the ‘chatterbox’ of the group, peridot birthstone people are the types that are able to become friends with almost anyone and everyone, because all they want is someone to listen to them. This trait makes them very charming, easy to handle and cordial.

Healing Powers
Peridot is known to take away any form of tiredness, lethargy and numbness.
It strengthens the immune system, metabolic rates, and helps heal any troubles with the gallbladder, thymus, intestines.
It treats skin disorders and ulcers.
9. September – Sapphire

Those with sapphire as their birthstone are intelligent by nature and are known to hardly lose their cool even in worst situations. These people do not easily open up, and can constantly have trouble trusting others.

Healing Powers
Sapphires help heal blood disorders, including strengthening the walls of arteries and veins
They are known to stabilize the functions of the body’s cells, calm the body parts that are overactive, and balance functions of glands.
10. October – Opal

People with opal as their birthstone seem calm on the outside, but they always have something running in their minds. With a very unique love for adventure, they are spontaneous in nature and almost always the popular ones in a group.

Healing Powers
Opals help make your memory sharper and increase the motivation to live life.
They treat infections, regulate insulin and blood sugar levels.
They are even known to help users deal with PMS and childbirth.
11. November – Citrine

If you are looking for some instant good luck, then find someone whose birthstone is citrine. It is believed that those born in the citrine-ruling month, have good omens follow them around.

This also makes these people have a very optimistic personality which can be contagious to those around them.

Healing Powers
Citrine is said to naturally rejuvenate a person’s energy, especially when they are sick.
It can even help strengthen and protect those who are vulnerable to external influences.
It further strengthens the body in handling degenerative diseases, issues with the urinary, kidney, and digestive tracts.
It purifies the toxic effects of chemicals from pharmaceutical medicines.
12. December – Turquoise

The people with turquoise as their birthstone can be called ‘guardian angels’, because they have this strong protective instinct for others. This makes them seem very young, vibrant, wise and confident.

Healing Powers
Turquoise can help the body absorb nutrients better.
They help in healing and recreating tissues, reduce pain, aches or cramps.
They heal eye problems such as cataracts.
They even stabilize inflammation in the body such as stomach disorders and gout.
After knowing the special characteristics that each stone represents and possesses, it is not surprising that they have held such an extraordinary place in history, mythology, science, economy and our personal lives.

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