Here’s How To Treat Diabetes Completely Naturally And Without Medications


A couple of years ago, one man was diagnosed with diabetes and was advised to take a variety of drugs and oils in order to improve his health. However, he decided to treat the problem naturally and started doing his own research. He eventually decided to make some dietary changes, and based his diet on fresh fruits and vegetables.
However, after a while he was feeling thirsty all the time and went back to his doctor. The blood tests showed that even though the man was only 29, his pancreas has completely stopped working. He was put on a prescribed therapy and started doing regular exercise like his doctor recommended. Sadly, his condition was not improving – his blood pressure was increasing by the day, and even his triglyceride levels went up. The man was seriously worried for his health and decided to do something about it on his own.

One day, he stumbled upon a TV show in which Dr. John Zirdum who talked about his experience with diabetes and how he beat it. Dr. Zirdum considered juicing the best way to treat the problem naturally, and the man decided to give it a try. He bought a bunch of fruits and a juicer and started the natural therapy. After a while, he was feeling much better and went for a regular checkup. The blood tests showed that his glucose levels were significantly lower, and he started losing weight as well. In just 25 days, he managed to lose 11 kg. while also reducing his cholesterol and triglyceride content. 4 months later, he was a completely new man. His blood pressure was in normal limits, his glucose in control as well as his weight.
The man recently shared his experience online as well as one of his favorite recipes. Check it out:


2 kiwis and apples each

A handful of kale

5 bananas

½ a glass of water


Mix everything in a blender and drink half of the smoothie in the morning and the other half during the day. During the treatment, you’re allowed to eat fruit salads, fresh fruit as well as tuna which is a great source of vitamin B12. The diet won’t make you hungry and will improve your overall health, which is why you should give it a try especially if you’re suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes.