Retired Chief of a Pharmacy said: “The World needs to Know, That Alkaline Water Kills Cancer” … Here is How to Prepare it !!


There are just as many natural remedies in the world as there are diseases and conditions. We usually get pills to treat ailments, but what many people know is that treat anything with natural remedies, although Big Pharma will never let you know it.

One of the best ways to stay healthy and in optimal shape is to keep your body alkaline. Nowadays, our bodies are becoming increasingly acidic due to the unhealthy lifestyle and diet we all lead. In order to neutralize the acidity in your body and make it alkaline, you should include alkaline foods into your diet. You can also drink alkaline water – a simple drink that can flood your body with alkalinity and neutralize the free radicals that might wreak havoc in your body.

Health benefits of alkaline water
Alkaline water is a potent antioxidant beverage that can eliminate acids in your body and reinforce your immune system. Not removing the acids from your body can lead to their accumulation, which can create a host of problems. Drinking alkaline water and consuming alkaline fruits and vegetables can regulate your body’s pH levels, which will effectively keep you safe from a variety of diseases.

For example, the notion that cancer can’t thrive in an alkaline and oxygenated environment is a fact that has been known since the 20s. At the time, German pioneering doctor Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize for this discovery. Dr. Warburg also found out that an acidic environment in the body is responsible for most ailments including diabetes, osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases.

Below you can see a simple alkaline water recipe that will neutralize the acidity of your body and prevent the development of ailments:

1 lemon
½ a cucumber
½ a cup mint leaves
¼ piece ginger root
Wash the ingredients well, then peel and chop them and add everything to a glass of water. Let it soak overnight, then drink the liquid in the morning. Repeat the process every day to neutralize the acidity in your body and make it alkaline.