Research Confirms That Yeast Is A Cause Of Cancer And Turmeric Can Kill Both


According to various studies, it has been shown that yeast can cause cancer. A study was published by Critical Reviews in Microbiology published a study which claims that Candida albicans or yeast infection can cause cancer in body. There are different ways through which Candida albicans can contribute to cancer.

These are following..

Carcinogenic byproducts Production:

Candida Albicans produces carcinogens that are known as nitrosamines. These nitrosamines activate proto-oncogenes in the body that could activate cancerous lesions. The Candida albicans also produces acetaldehyde that is a DNA damaging chemical with cancer properties.

Triggering of inflammation:

We are not familiar that prolonged inflammation can also raise the risk of cancer. The inflammation causes damage to the tissues. The secretion of proliferative chemical can make tissue immortalized instead of stimulating the cell regeneration when the inflammation is chronic.

Candida albicans also increases the inflammatory responses in the body when it grows higher than the normal density. The major causes of this are immunosuppression, inappropriate diet, and chemical exposure. The inflammatory response increases the tumor cell adhesion, which causes the creation of secondary tumors.

Induction of Th17 response: The set of CD4 T-cells that is dominant in response to Candida albicans, namely, TH17 cells, can also cause angiogenesis and increased tumor growth.

Molecular mimicry: The antibodies that are produced against a protein on the surface of Candida Albicans (CR3-RP) have antigenic similarities with a receptor on certain of our leukocytes. It can trigger antibodies that protect the body from cancer.

Turmeric: The Super Remedy
The European Journal of Pharmacology has published a study which claims that curcumin present in the turmeric fights against cancer. The study was focusing on the problem of invasive fungal infections that is considered to be the major reason of morbidity and mortality in cancer patients. The anti-infection therapy is used to prevent major deterioration. These fungal infections are really hard to treat and increasing the drug against fungal also causes various issues. The authors suggest that curcumin present in turmeric can do wonders due to its anti-cancer properties. The study also shows that the treatments that are used cause various health issues for the patients in immune system that results into fungal overgrowth. The medicines used for the treatments are also harmful for the kidney and liver.

The researchers say that turmeric can be considered as the next generation drug due to its numerous benefits. They also claimed that not only does it fights with fungal infection but it has the ability to destroy cancer stem cell subpopulation. The more research in this area will enable us to use turmeric for cancer treatment.

Another relevant study also showed that yeast is also the cause of cancer. The critical reviews in microbiology published a study which says that yeast infection can cause cancer.